ReSpawn is an in-person networking event designed to Jump Start (or ReSpawn, for you gamers out there!) the cannabis industry in the Denver metro area. It will be May 21 from 4PM-6PM at Cultivated Synergy, 2901 Walnut St, Denver.

We know that people will have a lots of concerns and questions. I’ll try to address many of them here, feel free to call me, Michael Scanlon, at 303-929-4503.

First, there will be a simultaneous digital option, so those who aren’t yet comfortable with, or cleared for, going out in public can still virtually network with us. I don’t have the link just yet, please check back. Truth be told, I’m working on some new technology, but it may just end up being a Zoom meeting with Zoom rooms for meeting some new people.

Second, the likelihood of our public health officials placing a cap on the number of attendees is pretty much 100%. We’re OK with that. We’re OK with public health officials shutting us down last minute. No one associated with this event wants to cause any harm to the public!! We have the concurrent digital event going, so if we have to, we will cancel this event, even last minute.

The cap right now would be 10 people. For that reason, we expect it to sell out. (Smallest sell out ever!) Click here to see if tickets are still available. We will take a waiting list up to 50, in hopes the virus situation here in Colorado is looking better on May 21 and public health officials OK groups of 50. (Did I mention we will do whatever public health officials suggest? They don’t need to demand or force us. We will follow all guidelines.)

We will practice sensible behaviors. We will have social distancing. We will encourage masks and hand washing.

Some people think what we are doing is “unnecessary.” I suspect those people are not in sales. It is very necessary to get business moving again. Many of us only get paid when sales close. For those of us in that situation, we need opportunities to make connections within our industry. ReSpawn is for those professionals.

A portion of the proceeds will go to a cannabis focused non-profit helping with COVID-19 relief.


Please forgive the barren and unpolished nature of this web page. Frankly, this isn’t that big of an event!

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