Join us on September 23-24, 2020 for

Cannabis Public Policy Conference II!


Call For Panelists!

The second Cannabis Public Policy Conference September 23-24, 2020 is a great opportunity for cannabis thought leaders!

Cannabis Public Policy Conference II, on September 23-24, 2020 is a follow up to the hugely successful March 5-6th Cannabis Public Policy Conference, and will build on the success and recommendations of the first conference.
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About Us

Mission: Fostering collaboration between the private sector and government.

Vision: By hosting collaborative conferences and awarding The Govies, 20/20 Growth creates opportunities for increased productivity.

Purpose: Unleash innovation faster by encouraging collaboration between private industry and the public sector. Award and recognize government workers who reduce barriers to bring innovation to the market sooner and/or increase efficiency in their office.

How Will 20/20 Growth Conferences Help? Collaboration between the private and public sector in an open and public forum is better for everyone. Increased efficiency in government makes businesses more profitable. Government workers who go above and beyond to create better conditions deserve recognition.

What's The Role Of 20/20 Growth Conferences? 20/20 Growth, LLC fosters a spirit of collaboration between government agencies and the private sector in two ways:
1) Our conferences create an open and transparent platform with a process of cooperation, listening, and working together, paid for by businesses and not the tax payer.
2) The Govies recognize and honor government workers who do great things behind the scenes.

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