As we all continue to adapt and adjust through the Pandemic of 2020, it has become increasingly apparent – thanks to the scientists – that this wretched virus is transmitted more through our breath than through touching dirty surfaces.

Because of this, public officials keep upping the ante on masks. TriCounty Health called for masks when in public across its three-county area (Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties). Douglas County will now leave Tri-County Health because of this.

It’s sad that science is questioned in some political circles. Why?

Think of it like this – if it comes down to everyone wearing a mask all the time in public, or shutting down the economy, then c’mon. Is there really any choice there?

And by not wearing a mask, not only are endangering me and my family, you’re slowing or preventing the re-opening of the American economy. In other words, if you hate America, show it by not wearing a mask.

C’mon people. Just like Climate Change, the science isn’t political, and the Laws of Physics don’t give a shit about your freedom rants. Now, the response to these problems is political, and the responses are legitimate grounds for policy debate.

But not the science. The science is clear. Wear a mask. And eat less meat when you take it off!

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