Cannabis Is The Clear Winner Of Election 2020!

Here we go again. Another Presidential election, another close race for the third time this decade. The Senate still hangs in the balance. America’s red/blue divide seems as “50/50” as ever.

Now more than ever, America needs to lighten up and light up! Five states asked voters to consider legalization of marijuana, and last night, all five states – including South Dakota and Mississippi – voted to end Prohibition of this beautiful plant.

The movement continues to grow. New Jersey voters approved it almost 2-1, an almost unheard of statewide number for anything this side of a tax cut! (Voters here in Colorado simultaneously approved a tax cut and a massively expensive Family Leave program, but that’s another story….)

In AZ, it passed after narrow defeat four years ago. 15 states will now have adult rec use of cannabis, and the genie is pretty much out of the bottle. If anyone doubted the coming end of cannabis Prohibition, last night should remove all doubt!

NCIA, as usual, has a great summary of the current political landscape.

Please let me know any thoughts you have by commenting below. Especially if you have any ideas for topics the Cannabis Public Policy Conference should explore at our next conference.

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