Are your sales numbers not coming in where you need them?


Here are a few ideas to help you build some solid relationships, the type that lead to sales that stick around for years.


1  Network

Networking is the simple concept of talking to others! Ideally, you network in the right place. It’s not that you can’t network in the produce aisle of your grocery store. It’s just likely a waste of your time because you’re not networking with the right people.


For cannabis professionals, here are a few networking events you can jump into. Remember, as with marriage, networking is like an empty box. You can only expect to get something out of it if you put in more than you take out!


Cultivated Synergy runs a virtual networking event twice a month. Even better, as a co-working space for cannabis companies in Denver, Colorado, you can meet people the old fashioned way too!


SENSI Magazine has a national following and their virtual networking events will introduce you to cannabis pro’s across the country: 


2  Volunteer

Giving back to your community isn’t just good for your bottom line – it’s literally good for your health!


2A  Service Organizations

Lions, Kiwanis, and my favorite, Rotary International, have long been considered the “Big Three” of service organizations across America. Any decent sized American town is proud to hang those three logos on the city sign as you enter town!


Key tip – Don’t go for the business. Show up with the genuine intention of helping your community, and then demonstrate it through actions. Your fellow members will want to help you. Again, think of the empty box analogy.


2B  Non-profits

There are countless small non-profits struggling for recognition and money. Find one near you that aligns with your values, then roll up your sleeves and help! These 501(c)3’s are required to have a Board of Directors with seats they often struggle to fill because they cost you time and pay you no direct financial compensation. If you help them, they’ll want to return the favor.


In the cannabis world, Color of Cannabis, Last Prisoner Project and NCIA are some of my favorite non-profits where a cannabis sales pro could do good today with the potential to profit from it later. What are some of your favorite cannabis related charities and other non-profits?


2C  Events and Conferences

You could volunteer at an event to meet new people. This is more of a “one time” commitment than some of the above suggestions, so it might be a little easier for some to implement.


Here at 20/20 Growth, our Cannabis Public Policy Conferences are always looking for volunteers – and we always ask how we can help grow their business!  This raises an important point – always be ready to ask for a certain type of prospect, and especially be ready to answer the question “what do you do” with a close that asks for a certain type of referral. 


So for example, I would have no problem with a volunteer who said to me unprompted “Hey, by the way, we’re doing a special promotion for banks in cannabis. Do you know anyone in the banking sector who specializes in cannabis?” This is a great ask, because its specific. (Off the top of my head, I can think of three people in banking who have told me they specialize in cannabis clients.) A poor ask would be “Do you know anyone in cannabis who really needs [what my company offers]?”  I know tons of people in cannabis. I have no idea what most of them need, and only a foggy idea what the rest need.


When asking for referrals, always be specific. “Do you know any women who own dispensaries here in Colorado?” Right away the faces of two amazing women I know pop up in my head. Ask me if I know any dispensary owners, and the category is so broad, I’m less likely to think of those two – or any one else in particular.


I hope these ideas will help you build enduring relationships!

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