Our Goal

With the launch of 20/20 Growth, I am excited to facilitate a platform where thought leaders, innovators and other entrepreneurs can meet and collaborate with public policy officials tasked with protecting the public.
The guiding mission will always be to bring the future forward faster in a manner that delivers the best outcomes to the largest number of people!

Having founded a Chamber of Commerce a few years ago, I’ve been down this path. I know how to bring together companies of all sizes, how to create impactful events, and how to facilitate a public space where ideas and concerns can be shared and exchanged.

In a sense, the word conference doesn’t do our events justice! For example, we use cutting edge techniques like gamification and crowd sourcing.

Instead of keynote speeches, we have diverse panels of experts.

Instead of sitting passively, attendees are given multiple opportunities to actively engage the process.
Our breakout sessions have an advance agenda that is continually evolving leading up to the day of the event, with the goal of creating results at the conference!

Innovation is coming at us faster than ever. Some believe government protections are more important than ever before. I’m obsessed with creating a neutral platform for all parties to dialogue and, ideally, find an agreeable path forward.

If innovation gets your blood moving too, I encourage you to join us as we bring the Future Forward Faster!

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