A networking event hosted by 20/20 Growth Conferences where we social distanced and more!

Last Thursday, May 21, 20/20 Growth Conferences held a networking event for cannabis professionals looking to expand their sales and grow their company.

And a year ago, that wouldn’t have really been newsworthy. But with America and the rest of the world slowly beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, this was something of a first. 20/20 Growth will continue to lead the way, just like we did on May 21st.

20/20 Growth Conferences is planning a series of these events leading up to our next conference, the Cannabis Public Policy Conference on September 23-24. Our next event, June 11, we’re looking to connect 10 locations of 10 people!

David Wilkinson, Director of Global Strategy at 20/20 Growth Conferences, offered up some great advice to companies looking to Jump Start their business.

Hosting events as your community emerges from the lockdown won’t be easy. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

– Use a questionnaire to screen people at the door for symptoms or recent contacts.

– Set the seats at least 6 feet apart. This makes for an eerily empty-feeling room but I think we’ll get used to it rather quickly.

– Remind everyone to wear masks. We didn’t wear ours the whole night. But we all wore masks into the building, per local public health requirements, in this case, Denver, Colorado.

On-line, or “virtual”, networking is suddenly more important than ever.  At 20/20 Growth Conferences, we’re working on developing a leading-edge tech experience for our community. And to be frank, we have room for improvement. To the 9 Zoom attendees who endured the delays and glitches, thank you. I promise we’re already working on adding more cameras for more views for you to view while sitting at home or where ever you Zoom. Does anyone Zoom anywhere else? And if so, where!? Most importantly, we’re going to test run a new program for introductions to meet other sales professionals so you can generate leads from your home.

Thanks to Cultivated Synergy for helping host this event. This has been a trying time for everyone, and Cultivated is no different. Events are a significant revenue stream for Cultivated, and we hope that revenue stream snaps back quickly!

That said, we here at 20/20 Growth Conferences are proud to have produced the two most recent events at CS! Let’s hope they don’t go another 10 weeks between events!

It’s OK to start moving around more America. We’re all being super cautious about it.

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