20/20 Growth – The Govies

The Govies are an award series to recognize and celebrate government employees who assist innovators in cutting through red tape.

At 20/20 Growth, our core mission is to thank our government officials. We recognize and honor government officials who go “above and beyond” their strict mandate and work with innovators to unleash economic potential.

The Govies, our awards to government officials, are a heartfelt expression of gratitude for efforts to unleash innovation.

We thank government employees for the safe consumer environment and level business playing field government provides when officials are executing their jobs properly.

For those teams and individuals who accelerate innovators forward, we want to designate their legacy!

“The Govies are recognition to government employees who cut red tape and unleash economic potential.”

    — Michael Scanlon, Creator of The Govies

Do you believe in good governance? Will you help launch The Govies to recognize government workers?

This slide deck provides more details on both the process around The Govies, as well as Centennial Club info for companies and individuals who sponsor the first 100 Govies.

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