14erFest – Fundraiser To Benefit Adams 14 Education Foundation

The Adams 14 Education Foundation Board of Directors is excited to announce that the 2020 14er Fest will be held on August 10th 2020 from 7:00pm - 8:15pm.   For the safety of our supporters and scholars the Board has decided to hold the event virtually.   Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88503732636?pwd=NXhHTlVwRVB1YWRnTVFqVWVNOVg2dz09 Meeting ID: 885 0373 2636 Passcode: J7HQjq   Attached please […]

Planning Committee – Cannabis Public Policy Conference II

Join in on the planning and formation of the Cannabis Public Policy Conference! Open to the public, these meetings are ideal for cannabis professionals with a passion for public policy who are looking to meet other cannabis professionals and generally help normalize cannabis. Email michael@2020GrowthConferences.com for the Zoom info, or even just to give us […]

Creating SOPs to Better Leverage your Time

They say, “Time is money.” And in the Hemp industry, millions of dollars are being left on the table because businesses haven’t created Standard Operating Procedures around their employee’s time. In this highly practical presentation, you’ll learn h... Learn more Register: http://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=yBf4llw5PeaY7leriFwBBkipzLsJ7uXZdea5ZSOL1NLLTOPxpc4FCtu7orp4NBrIAsPA1YxcUG-2FWzr3cGFp3YQefave19Ju2LU2KXHoFouW7ibl6elbYssjdfeehpYbn6Kq-2FEnOTXoRJFHGaCVtCPiffQDz52u1IsNSMKjqngyiRqavplptl9nmuCZhmm4QtKqqoCaYpcwpesHxT2N186MA6lurCNWZP09vnJlkh0O7Rq7c8Bc4Md-2BpptroHr0bOGfMfYbnl-2BDZnSM8yLLExW9IzP4adVnCnZVfXx2CgCh6nWEFKP6Vt0qlw6pUQTqU1ehvnvMHqNgyCC6keYFrJgzmRJnhlB-2FX8oNQ9319eTohzai4Lb684fNwGR-2BkPLbs7SvamwrvFSMeM2IoFVU5tug-3D-3DhaVx_vDhyrByJyj9jzFVVCWkYC6V5D0fn6QEuq21w9xKJwmEPZ83XMshLF3QboAzNYak4yesz1Hh7ASrAWzgLES4LsFWIL242ULSBj5-2BJh5Ionnx4f5gjUGFLoCTCzhjFG8xtwUvDstqJAybvXnXCUWainFMdxM-2BnIvIW63L5EWRN5QymAOVKa59y38d7ZOnm1Ac91ipCD-2BdgmLb5Ojr48s1oxxRyleF3D1y1PIJoNnpuzrPJGbCfu0VbLdHJ089wXsJv

Cannabis Public Policy Conference II

20/20 Growth Conferences is focused on making the second Cannabis Public Policy Conference a smashing success! Visit https://2020growthconferences.com/september-23-event-page/ for details! Call Michael at 303-929-4503 for more information.

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