COVID Response And Other In-Person Details

All of us at 20/20 Growth Conferences want everyone to have the best experience possible at the Cannabis Public Policy Conference on September 23-24!


For your protection and the safety and security of our community, we are enacting a number of measures to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.


First, we are exploring advanced virtual options to deliver an amazing on-line experience for those who choose to stay home.


In-person conference attendees can expect:


  • To be temperature checked.
  • To wear face masks.
  • Required session sign-ups. Guaranteed seats for only the first 10*.
  • No “session hopping” (Visiting two or more sessions during one session time slot.)
  • Color-coded wristbands. To protect those who don’t want to handshake or hug.


20/20 Growth Conferences will take any other measures public health officials request, including a complete shut down of in-person attendance if so asked. We will follow each and every public health guideline, and expect all attendees to do the same.


The virtual component will be an important element. Everyone is encouraged to load Icebreaker on your phone in advance, even in-person attendees. Remember your ear buds, or even better, a headset. And bookmark the virtual trade show web site!


Please make sure you read and agree to the Ticket Holder Agreement.


* Seating Capacity at the conference will be determined after public health officials complete their assessment of the trajectory and impact of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-September and determine how many people can safely gather in person.


Reminder: Don’t forget your headset or ear buds!

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