“How much money are you losing every month due to marketing restrictions in the cannabis industry?” I asked one local cannabis industry pioneer. He shifted uncomfortably. He sat silently. I could see the numbers rumbling around in his head.

“Three hundred thousand dollars?” he finally hazarded as a guess. That’s a few million a year!

I’ve yet to meet a cannabis business owner who doesn’t agree that the industry needs sensible regulation. The conventional wisdom is that they were right to start with regulations that erred to the strict side. As the legal cannabis industry continues to mature, there are a number of areas where we think a good hard review is in order:

– Banking challenges

– Social consumption

– Investments and capital markets

– and the aforementioned marketing restrictions.

20/20 Growth Conferences will host its first conference early next year to explore these public policy challenges. Interested parties should join our early bird list for more info!

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