Jeremy Gutsche is one of my favorite futurists. He’s the super smart Canadian behind He has established a template to help innovators bring the future forward faster!

Mr. Gutsche has identified Six Innovation Limiters:

6  Neurological Shortcutting

5  Learned Behavior

4  Cultural Conformity

3  Traps of Success

2  Linear Thinking

1  Blindness to Trends

#6  Neurological Shortcutting

This is a natural human brain tendency. We narrow down to things we’ve already decided before.

To break out of neurological shortcutting, you need to be methodical about creativity.

1 Reset Your Expectations

2 Kill Your Ego

3 Throw Away Your First Ideas

4 Use Patterns And MegaTrends

5 Deep Dive Your Curiosities

#5  Learned Behavior

To break free from your learned behaviors, be open to possibility:

1 Encourage Play

2 Stop Knowing The Answer (And Ask Questions)

3 Assume You Are Incorrect

4 Break Rules

5 Diversify Your Team

#4  Cultural Conformity

Inspire a culture of action!

1 Simplify The Plan

2 Engage Your Team

3 Put The Customers First

4 Invest In New Opportunity

5 Force The Discussion Of Competing Alternatives

#3  Traps of Success

Mr. Gutsche uses the comparison of the traps of a farmer vs. the instincts of a hunter:

3 Traps of a Farmer     3 Hunter Instincts

Complacent                   Insatiable

Repetitive                       Curious

Protective                       Willing To Destroy

To be be a good innovator, think like a hunter.

#2  Linear Thinking

Of the 500 Fortune 500 companies in the year 2000, half are gone here in 2019.

Another half will be gone in 10 years.

People are terrible at forecasting 3 to 5 years out!

Understand that the intervals of change are accelerating.

To combat linear thinking, internalize the pace of change:

1 Track The Amount Of Change In Your Market

2 Brainstorm Your Super Future

3 Shock Yourself Into Action

4 Prepare Scenarios To Disrupt Or Avoid Being Disrupted

#1  Blindness to Trends

Blindness to societal trends is the biggest limiter to innovation of all.

Thank goodness for Jeremy Gutsche and his amazing team at They give away a tremendous amount of insight on their web site. Be sure to check it regularly.

And if you think that is amazing, you should see their paid work!

There you have it, a template to help you and your organization be great innovators!

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