Greg Conley of the American Vaping Association will come to Denver to lead a panel discussion on VAPI at the Cannabis Public Policy Conference on March 5th & 6th. At 20/20 Growth, we push everyone to look beyond talk. We seek action steps and results from all our breakout sessions.
The panel for this Cannabis Vaping session is still coming together. If you are, or anyone you know is, qualified to speak on the topic of vaping and is willing to be a part of panel that will push for something like proposed national standards, ask them to email
You do not need previous conference experience to be an expert in your field. This panel is a great opportunity for a leader – or a future leader ready to emerge – in the vaping sector of the cannabis industry.
The Cannabis Public Policy Conference is March 5-6 in Denver, CO. The goal is to further normalize cannabis policies in the following areas: Packaging, Sustainability, Patents and Plant Matter, Social Equity, Vaping, Hemp, Delivery, Marketing, Cannabinoid Manufacturing, Social Media, Public Consumption, National Distribution, Banking, and IRS 280E.
For the full list of panelists, which includes Ean Seeb, Cindy Sovine, Andrew Kline and Roz McCarthy, visit
For the full conference schedule, visit
General Admission tickets are $100. Leave your email address at the site to receive a discount code.

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