I’m fond of saying “Good planets are hard to find.” For years, I’ve agonized over our lands, our oceans, our climate. I sincerely hope the New Normal – the first time global attitudes all changed at once for a common purpose – will usher in a new spirit of “we’re all in it together” that will help keep Earth habitable for humans. (Earth is one tough bitch, we don’t need to “save” Earth. She was here billions of years before homo sapiens, and will almost certainly be here billions of years after we’re gone, but that’s another story.)

This Earth Day, here are some things you can do to help:

Buy local, farm fresh produce instead of meat. Here’s a directory for the state of Colorado.

Put a bee hive in your yard. Beekeeping 101: Should you raise honey bees?

Plant Pollinator-Friendly Native Plants.

Join your local CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. In Colorado, Colorado Community Supported Agriculture.

Thanks to Colorado Senator Faith Winter for emailing me these great ideas and links.

That’s one last thought for the planet. Elections matter. Vote pro-Earth next election!

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