March 6, 2020 is the date of the Cannabis Public Policy Conference. We will look at Financial Issues (banking, investment), the future of medical (CBD, FDA, and the for-profit model) and the Marketing Restrictions of the cannabis industry, all from a public policy perspective.

If you haven’t received your invite yet, that’s because no one has, so please don’t take it personally! Anyone can attend. This conference is open to the public, and there will be a number of options to participate.

Sponsors will help set the agenda and are the main drivers of the conference. Exhibitors will have access to our audience and more. Ticketholders will be able to participate in workshops and other breakout sessions in addition to the usual Q&A of panelists, of which there will be numerous opportunities and options.

There is plenty more to come – gamification, rock star panelists, pre-conference surveys where you can help refine and drive the agenda. Leave us your email address, we’ll keep you posted.

And look for our new Meetup group announcement next week!

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