I’m excited to announce the pre-published availability of my new book Building Something From Nothing.

I’ve been working on Building Something From Nothing – How I’ve Built Organizations With No Money And How You Can Do It Too for about 8 months or so, and it took on a real urgency with the COVID-19 Virus Crisis. To do my part, I’m making the Google Doc version available for free immediately. Over time, I intend to polish up the book, which right now, is really just a manuscript. Please allow me a month or two to develop some graphics, design a cover, figure out the index, all that good stuff. Then I’ll publish it as a pdf, and probably as an e-book as well.

More to come. For now, here’s the promo text I’ve come up with in the early going:

Out Of Work?
In a down economy, you have two options. The traditional route is pounding the pavement, chasing every job opening with the hordes, hoping for a break at a job with limited earning capability which you’re likely overqualified for.
Build something for yourself!
For enterprising souls with courage and grit, option two will be the most rewarding path!
In my book, How To Build Something From Nothing – How I’ve Build Organizations With No Money, And How You Can Do It To, I spell out, in detail, various methods and techniques I’ve used in the past to build organizations from nothing.
Create income for yourself while raising your stature among your peers and family.
Make more than a living – make a difference in your community!
By starting an organization like a member association, or my favorite, a chamber of commerce, you can build credibility for yourself and wealth for you and your family.
By starting a company, you can launch your innovation to the benefit of society.
You have a choice. Sit around feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for a job to open up, then hustle over to wait in the lobby with dozens of other job seekers hoping you’ll be the one they select – all so you can go to work building someone else’s dream.
Or, you can start today building something for yourself!
The choice is yours.
At 52 years of age, I’ve struggled along the path of making ends meet in a down economy more than once. I predict you’ll see a resurgence of “jobs” in the 1099 category, meaning instead of a paycheck and benefits you have “unlimited” compensation – as long as you make sales. Many 1099 independent contractor status positions also have the distinct chance to pay zero dollars in any given month, especially early on.
I can’t guarantee you’ll make a living out the gate. I can’t even guarantee you’ll make $100. But wouldn’t you rather build something for you and your community in a worst case, no income scenario, rather than spread the word about someone else’s company at no income?
And why assume you’ll make nothing? If executed properly, you can have your organization up and running in 2-6 months. It may take a couple of years to get to full time income, but income should start flowing shortly after launch. In the book, I explain it all, step by step.

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