Good regulation is very hard to achieve. It takes a proper balance, an ability to listen to all sides, and like so much of life, some trial and error to get it right.

The regulation of the cannabis industry is waist deep in the trial and error phase right now. With the federal government still clinging to a 20th Century prohibition mindset, despite the proven harm and failure of this fear-based policy, many states have had to lurch about in scientific darkness to do the best they can to fulfill their public safety obligations. It makes the next year or so a critical time for the quickly emerging cannabis sector.

One cannabis CEO told me his company is on pace for 50 different sets of packaging for their product, to meet 50 different regulatory requirements for everything from opaqueness to childproofing to warning labels.

Stepping forward into the void is the National Cannabis Industry Association. Their recently published white paper is a roadmap for possible outcomes as national legalization of marijuana in America becomes more and more inevitable.

Written as proposed standards with various options for elected officials and policy makers alike, Adapting a Regulatory Framework For The Emerging Cannabis Industry is a must read for those who have the power and the obligation to bring this medicine out of the shadows and into people’s health care routines in a safe and efficent manner.

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