My name is Michael Scanlon, and my company, 20/20 Growth Conferences, is re-inventing conferences.


I have a vision for next generation virtual conferences. My conference community needs me to fulfill this vision so they can continue to grow. I am obsessed with making a better virtual conference experience!


I am seeking a Tech Co-Founder here in Colorado with experience developing XR. Our solution will be both AR complimenting a real live event, and VR, where some participants are completely virtual. We will blend both into one conference experience. 


The Tech Co-Founder I seek is the opposite of me. She is young (or at least young-ish) and from a community of color*. She lives on Colorado’s Front Range. And of course, she’s female. (Sorry guys.)


A rough analogy of the technology we are developing is VR Chat or Discord inside VirBELA or Matterport or Sketchup or Mozilla Hubs. Like everything else, it should work on a cell phone. And naturally, it will be more immersive with AR glasses like Spectacles or a VR headset like Oculus.


This is an entrepreneurial offer, a get rich slow scheme. You have to build the tech, I have to continue building the audience. As an equity stakeholder in the company, you will only get paid a percentage of any sales you bring in and/or a percentage of profits.** I already have some sales, and more lined up once the tech exists. This market need absolutely exists, the only question is if we can execute!


Conferences take years to build a large community, but once built, are very reliable streams of revenue. At least they used to be. I am confident they will be again one day. Right now there is a huge opportunity, a yawning gap yearning to be filled.


Zoom does not replace conferences! Not even close. We can do better.


Women interested in this opportunity can email to apply. Please detail any experience you have coding (required) and any business experience you have (not required). Do not include a photo of yourself. List your DOB and ethnicity*. Feel free to tell me any life experiences or other relevant information you want me to weigh when considering you for Tech Co-Founder.


Yours Truly,


Michael Scanlon

Founder, 20/20 Growth Conferences


* I know claiming a race can be complicated. Tiger Woods never liked being boxed into one category. Barack Obama learned young that even though he’s half white – and indeed was raised by the white half of his heritage – that in America, if your race is a tie, well, you don’t get to pick. I’m not going to perform any blood tests, and frankly, if we did, we’d both be a mix of a lot of ethnicities. If you’ve ever felt discriminated against because of your skin color or appearance, you qualify.


I remember Ward Churchill saying only people who claimed Native American heritage were asked to take blood tests “like dogs.” I believe you are who you self identify as, and I will always treat all applicants, and everyone else, like the equal you are.


** And assuming we’re successful, many years from now, there will be the “exit.” We’ll talk exit strategy early, to make sure we’re on the same page. If one of us wants out in a few years, we will have a pre-arranged process for a co-founder exit – how to value the shares of the company, what the final number will be, what the payout process will be.

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