The potential for cannabinoids is truly amazing.

And the advent of man-made cannabinoids will help, as this Marijuana Business Magazine article details so well. 

As the article states, many of these compounds, like THC-V and CBG, appear in such trace amounts in any one given plant, that even acres and acres can’t produce enough volume of these pharmaceutical elements.

From the article:

“Aspirin is made from the bark of willow trees, yet you don’t see any willow tree cultivation facilities. Everything is made in the lab,” said Narbé Alexandrian, CEO of the cannabis-focused Toronto investment firm Canopy Rivers, which is getting involved in the space. “That’s what you’re going to see in cannabis. To get a stable, active pharmaceutical ingredient, you need to extract from a lab-tested facility, not from the plant itself.”

Of course, the only reason cannabinoids like CBG are only now being discovered is because of the horrible public policy of the federal government in the 20th Century regarding the cannabis plant.

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