As I sit down to gather my thoughts for the first time since the whirlwind of the last two days, I keep thinking – wow!

Wow, what an amazing turnout and level of participation for the first-ever 20/20 Growth Conference!

We hosted 18 sessions and one fireside chat, and a few themes emerged:

– Taxes are too high and IRS 280E is an unreasonable burden

– More research is necessary on the cannabis plant

– Single-use plastics are a scourge seeking a solution – we had a few ideas

– Social equity is a prime opportunity to deliver justice to victims of the War of Drugs

There were a number of other good proposals to emerge from the Cannabis Public Policy Conference. Look for Cannabis Public Policy Conference II in just 5 or 6 months.

What did you think of the conference? What can we do better next time? What did you like that we think we absolutely should do again?

Please comment below!

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